Masai Mara Park Entry Fees Information

Park Entry

CategoryEast African Citizen (Kshs)East African Resident (Kshs)Non Resident (US $)
Inside ParkOut side Park
Childen & Students200.00300.0040.0045.00
Vehicle Charges Per DayKshs
Less than 6 seats400.00
6 – 12 seats1,000.00
34 – 24 seats3,000.00
25 – 44 seats4,000.00
45 seats and above5,000.00
Trucks and Delivery per dayKshs
1 – 3 tonnes700.00
4 – 7 tonnes2,500.00
8 tonnes and above3,500.00
Annual Fee for Vehicles Stationed in the ParkKshs
PSV's < 5 seats & commercial vehicle < 2 tonnes30,000.00
PSV's 5 – 12 seats and commercial vehicles 2 – 5 tonnes50,000.00
PSV's 13 seats & above & commercial vehicle more than 5 tonnes100,000.00
Aircraft Single Landing FeeKshs
Aircrafts with less than 3 seats300.00
Aircrafts with less than 3 – 6 seats500.00
Aircrafts with less than 7 – 14 seats1,000.00
Aircrafts with less than 15 – 20 seats2,000.00
Aircrafts with less than 21 seats & above3,000.00
Baloon ServiceKshs
Operation permit (annual)100,000.00
Landing fee per person per landing$ 50.00
Camping and accommodation feesKshs
Annual License fees for Campsites within the Park300.00
Annual License fees for Campsites outside the Park500.00

Camping Fee

CategoryEast African Citizen/Resident (Kshs)Non Resident (US $) per day
Children & Students200.0020.00

Special Camping

CategoryEast African Citizen/Resident (Kshs)East African Resident (Kshs)Non Resident (US $) per day
Children & Students200.00500.0020.00
Special Campsite ReservationKshs
Special Campsite Reservation fee per week10,000.00
Special Campsite Cancellation fee on all reserved sites is10,000.00
Special ActivitiesKshs
Security/Guided tours per guide for 6 hours1,500.00
Security/Guided tours per guide for over 6 hours3,500.00
Default on payment of park entry feesMotor Vehicle – 2,000.00 per entry
Driver 2,000.00
Repeat default 4,000.00
3,000 per person
Possession of invalid tickets10,000.00
Off road driving10,000.00
Animal harassmentCattle – 200.00 per cow
Illegal grazingSheep/goat – 50 per sheep/goat
Littering the Park3,000.00
Annual Research permitUS $
Permits for Non-Residents400.00
1 – 5 persons per week30,000
6 – 20 persons per week50,000
Over 20 persons per week100,000
  • “Daily fee” fee for one day/ twenty four hours or thereof continuous stay within a specified site in the Maasai Game Reserve.
  • “Student” hereby defined an individual aged up to 23 years old and sponsored by a recognized learning institution with a valid student’s identification document.
  • “Children” Persons above 3 years but below 18 years.
  • “Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK)” members will be charged applicable students rates.

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